Italian Art of Drinking Coffee

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Italy is famous for its old culture and history. Many relics of history that has become an icon like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, gladiator in Colosseum, spaghetti, scooters, gondola in Venice, luxury fashion, and many others.
The Italians also known very romantic (you have to prove it) and had a passion and love for the culinary. We have several pasta dishes like spaghetti and pizza. Thanks to the history of coffee from Ethiopia who spread from Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Turkish coffee finally arrived in Europe. What is your favorite Italian coffee aroma?

The Italians would also like to enjoy black coffee, a simple mixture of powdered coffee, boiling water and sugar. Black coffee or coffee mixed with milk is a simple way people enjoy the aroma of coffee, but the Italians have a sense of art in coffee processing. Coffee Recipes from Italy has spread almost all over the world. You would have never heard of and enjoy espresso, caffe latte, macchiato and of course: cappuccino. You can enjoy a typical Italian beverage in various versions, hot or cold.
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Espresso means pressed-out or squeezing the flavor from the coffee, but it also means quickly which can be related to the method of preparation.
Cappuccino got its name from The Italian Order of Capuchin monks. The monks hooded robes are said to resemble a cup of cappuccinos cap of foam in their shape of foam in their shape and color.
Italian coffee, cappuccino, Italian coffee, espresso, coffee art
 Café Latte:
It is thought that Café Latte was created as a result of customers wanting more milk to temper the strong taste of the espresso coffee.

 What is your favorite coffee shop? If you do not have time to visit the coffee shop, now you can enjoy a dish of black coffee, cappuccino, mochacinno and variations to purchase it at the supermarket, all made instant. The flavor and aroma may vary that you normally enjoy in the coffee shop.
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