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Miss Coffee Indonesia. Image:  Katon/Okezone.com

Early last June, Putu Anandita, a Balinese girl,  crowned as Miss Coffee Indonesia 2012. Now she is Ambassador Coffee of Indonesia.
For the first time, Indonesia successfully held the Miss Coffee Indonesia contest. This event is an opportunity to choose the "funnel" of Indonesian coffee in the world. Association Competition held by Duta Indonesia (ADI) is also aimed at strengthening the declaration of agro-tourism in Indonesia.

Indonesia is known as a producer of excellent quality coffee. You can discover Indonesian coffee plantation on the island of Java, Toraja, Bali, Papua and Gayo (Aceh) and other areas in the archipelago. This is the task of Miss Coffee Indonesia to promote Indonesian coffee to all over the world.

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Miss Coffee International 2012. Image: m.mediaindonesia.com
Then who is the Miss Coffee International? Catherine Ramirez from Colombia crowned as "Miss Coffee International" in the grand final of the 2012 world contest held in Nusa Dua, Bali, and October 23, 2012.   

The contest was attended by 14 countries, both producer and consumer countries coffee world, the countries of Indonesia, the Netherlands, Australia, Guatemala, Kenya, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Moldova, Myanmar, Colombia and Japan. 

As we know, Japan, the Netherlands and other European countries is not a producer of coffee, because coffee cannot be grown in Europe and Japan. United States, Japan and other European countries are very big coffee consumers.

Although Italy is not coffee producing country, this spaghetti-producing country since antiquity known expert to cultivate coffee into espresso, cappuccino and other unique recipes.
In recent years, coffee consuming countries import a lot of coffee from Bali, Papua, Toraja or Gayo. Their love of coffee from Indonesia is becoming more widely after the emergence of Kopi Luwak comes from Sumatra and Bali, even in Bali has developed an organic coffee plantation.

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Jack Nicholson in Bucket List movie. Image: ronscoffeeshopkopi.blogspot.com
 Kopi Luwak is more famous after being part of the scene of the movie "Bucket List" starring by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Do you have to watch this great movie? I love this movie. A few years ago Oprah Winfrey also show the story of Kopi Luwak on television, the famous Oprah Winfrey Show . Are you an existing town coffee shop that serves coffee production assisted by Mongoose? Did you already find a coffee shop serving Kopi Luwak in your town? If not, then you can buy it online.

Come to Bali, which is to Kintamani to see how the development of organic coffee and Kopi Luwak. Now Pupuan which is located in Tabanan regency, also on the island of Bali, you can also visiting coffee plantations, which rely on Kopi Luwak Civet to process such high quality in Kintamani and Sumatra.
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Testing coffee in Bali. Image: flickr.com/photos
If you drink coffee in a coffee shop, most likely by the Barista  in the coffee shop  brewed coffee from Bali, Papua, Toraja or Papua than coffee from Colombia. If you are a true coffee connoisseur, then it is better if you buy coffee online, so you can make a cup of coffee according to your taste. 

Each bag of coffee you buy a gift for coffee farmers around the world, especially the coffee farmers in Bali, Sumatra, Toraja, Gayo, Javanese and Toraja. Let's enjoy a cup of coffee while helping to create the welfare of coffee farmers and their families.
Remember to invite me for a coffee with you while listening to music and talking about politics or joking about anything. Are we also going to invite Miss Coffee that was in our city? Maybe we can exchange ideas about coffee and holiday plans to Bali. What a wonderful life if we can do the best things in life such as a vacation and having coffee with a Miss Coffee.