The association between coffee aromas with a love desire of a woman

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 What is the relationship between coffee and the love desire of a woman? It is really not easy to equate sexual arousal between men and women. Men are more easily sexually excited, whereas women are relatively more difficult. To fix this, maybe couples need to frequently visit the coffee shop or just drinking coffee together at home, but what coffee are suitable to enhance a woman's sexual arousal or wife?

A recent study showed that the aroma of coffee can increase women desire to have sex with a partner. The research was carried out by the manufacturer of coffee machines, De'Longhi, by measuring the level of female arousal while viewing images of men kissing variety of different scents.

The results found that women think men look sexiest when smelling aftershave, which is the product used by men after shaving moustache and beard. Aroma is capable of stimulating a woman number two is steeping ground coffee smell, beating linen and instant coffee aroma. Apparently instant coffee does not have a strong scent, so it does not make a woman excited to follow you into the bedroom.
smell of coffee, coffee and love life, coffee smell and sex
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The research was conducted in MindLab International Laboratory in Sussex. The women studied were aged 18-57 years were also examined heart rate and skin temperature. The participants were also asked to rate the men's attractiveness level, and the level of intelligence and humour.

The results found that the greater a man's penchant for coffee, the more it looks interesting, smart and funny as well in her eyes when combined with the aroma of coffee. Overall, the women consider men more attractive flavourful coffee, regardless of the man's love coffee or not.

"It is interesting aroma has a big impact on our perception of someone. Aroma is a strong flavour. Certain perfume or the smell of the ocean can be reminded of memories, so of course the aroma of a big impact on their daily lives," said Dr. David Lewis, a psychologist and founder of MindLab International as reported by Female First, on Wednesday (19/12/2012).
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According to the traditional assumption, most people thought that the car, fancy clothes and a bunch of flowers was enough to impress women. But these findings suggest that in order to make her passionate, scent and aroma also affects around. Invite your woman drinking coffee in a coffee shop definitely cheaper than buying expensive jewellery gift for your lady.

"The smell of coffee is evocative, but instant coffee will not have any effect. Coffee made from whole grains is the only way to ensure you get an exciting evening. I advise you to invest in coffee machine," said Mark Swift, Director Marketing at De'Longhi. You do not need to buy an expensive coffee machine, the most important function.

Perhaps you need to consider this interesting idea so that you always feel the atmosphere of the honeymoon in your home. Another interesting idea is to get your wife on holiday to Bali and enjoy organic coffee or civet coffee in this romantic island. Honeymoon in Bali while enjoying genuine coffee must be very beautiful, and can improve your love passion.