How to choose coffee machine for coffee lovers

How to choose coffee machine for coffee connoisseurs?
Etienne Louis Espresso Machine
Sexy baristas was making delicious coffee. Image:
Are you a fan of instant coffee or a true coffee connoisseur? Certainly a true coffee lover also prefers genuine black coffee or espresso coffee from coffee beans. That's why you must have had or wanted to buy a coffee machine, so you can grind coffee so you can get a cup of fresh coffee. 

You also need the best coffee beans that have been roasted, and your coffee machine will make you become very delicious coffee. With a proper coffee machine, you will get a cup of delicious coffee or espresso of various types like Arabica coffee, robusta, even kopi luwak (civet coffee) and organic coffee.

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Etienne Louis Espresso Machine. Image:
If you are indeed a true coffee fan, then there is interesting news for you. You will get a new coffee machine with that are more innovative technology. It happens because the coffee drinkers in the world is increasing, ranging from manual laborers, the police, to office employees, celebrities, insurance agents, men and women, students and even the younger generation. 

The proliferation of coffee shops in urban areas that are labeled as 'coffee shop', or cafe, even street coffee also triggers the creation of a wide range of coffee maker or coffee machine, which expected to support the coffee industry.  

There are various models of coffee maker which you can find in the market but this time I would like to inform seven coffee makers that will surely keep you spellbound and want to have it. This 7 coffee makers are innovative products and has been equipped with a variety of excellent features which cannot be found in traditonal coffee maker.

Dolce Gusto Circolo
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Dolce Gusto Circolo coffee maker. Image:
Dolce Gusto Circolo is an award-winning coffee maker International Design Award in 2010. Circolo use Nescafe coffee capsules belong to a kitchen design promotes a clean and comfortable. Some coffee enthusiasts may not like the system because the capsule is considered to wash off the taste of real coffee but do not doubt that the coffee maker Dolce Gusto Circolo is the most appropriate device for your small kitchen. Do you agree?

Hourglass coffee maker
If you do not have extra patience, do you buy the Hourglass Coffee Maker. Why? Because to make a cup coffee take up to 12 hours, and of course coffee has been in cold conditions. The benefits of a cup of cold coffee, is the reduction of the acidity of the coffee. Without acid, heartburn stomach problems will no longer occur no matter how much you sipped coffee.

Keurig coffee brewers
Keurig coffee brewers made ​​to create a cup of hot coffee with a distinctive taste. This coffee machine has been created with a simple system, so you will very easily operate this coffee maker, and the price is quite cheap; $ 150 only.

Etienne Louis Espresso Machine
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Hourglass coffee maker. Image:
Shape Etienne Louis Espresso Machine is very unique because it resembles a robot, or like an offshore oil scraper machine. Etienne Louis Espresso Machine is referred to as the best coffee maker for coffee enthusiast. If when you wake up was not complete before sipping a cup coffee, so Etienne Louis Espresso Machine could be your best choice. This machine consists of two parts that can be removed, so you can access the inside of the tank. Overall the components are made of aluminum.

Royal Vacuum Coffeemaker Palladium

Palladium Royal Vacuum coffee maker is slightly different from the other. The system of making coffee at this coffee machine tapped two cylindrical cans which are balanced with each other. The tube is made of glass, while the other of metal materials with ignition at the bottom. To have this coffee machine, you need to pay only $ 750.
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Royal Vacuum Coffeemaker Palladium. Image: royal coffee

Brunopasso PD-1 Espresso Machine
PD-1 is a unique coffee maker made ​​in Sweden which was inspired by the design of a luxury car, the Ferrari. This machine has a smoothgrip, yet powerful as a Ferrari. Brunopasso PD-1 espresso is an exlusive coffee machine and sold at a price of about $ 850.

Cocoon coffee maker
Cocoon coffee maker design is relatively simple compared to other well-known coffee maker. This machine was made by Jan Koenig which prioritizes environmentally friendly function. However, Cocoon coffee maker is still based on the concept since its creation in 2009, but if you are enthusiast and supporter of the movement "StopGlobal Warming", so surely Cocoon coffee machine is perfect for you.

With a good coffee machine, then you can make delicious coffee, so the coffee aroma and you can create more powerful than coffee prepared by a professional baristaFrom all 7 designs or brands of coffee machines as mentioned above, which one has been tempting you? If you are curious, you can find out more about the details of the coffee machines in the stores of home appliances in the city nearest you, or you can do research by using the Google search engine, who knows you could get another brand with a more attractive design , there is even a chance to get a coffee machine with a more friendly price.



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