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The uniqueness and benefits of coffee for mankind

Are you a true coffee connoisseur? Several scientific studies prove that drinking coffee beneficial for health. As research by a team from the University of Houston, Texas. Research carried out on people who like to drink Irish coffee with whiskey plus up to 80% can reduce the risk of stroke. Is this true?
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If you are looking for information on the other expert, then you will find the unique benefits of coffee for humans. There are other experts also argue that the essence of caffeine is believed to increase sexual libido of men. A wife who wants to get maximum sexual satisfaction, it would provide a high-quality cup of coffee for the husband, so the husband is always passionate and have a good mood before making love.

Compounds of caffeine can relieve fatigue, sleepiness and increase alertness motor nerves.

In addition to the benefits of a variety of coffee also have a downside, especially for women. The research hospital Christchurch, New Zealand reveals, most women will give birth to a baby coffee addict who trouble breathing at birth. While research Sven Cnattingius of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden revealed; women who consumed 100 mg caffeine / day would be more susceptible to miscarriage.

Then how to drink coffee to be healthy and beneficial for our bodies?

The effect of coffee on the energy drink for your health and love life

coffee for health, organic coffee, kopi luwak, coffee for energy, coffee increase stamina
Drink coffee. mage: gb.cutcaster.com
Did you ever increase stamina by drinking a bottle of energy drink? Are energy drinks could increase your stamina? Many people believe that energy drinks is able to increase energy and passion of sexual life, exercise, and support a variety of activities that require extra stamina and endurance. But according to recent study, the efficacy of various energy drinks actually no better than a cup of coffee. Have you ever heard that sexual life can be more exiting because you have to drink a cup of coffee?

coffee in energy drink, coffee for life, kopi luwak, healthy coffee, organic coffee
Energy drink after workout. Image: mediaindonesia.com
During this time, promoted energy drinks have a variety of properties because it containts a lot of ingredients to increase stamina, for example: ginseng, taurine and guanara extract. All content of the beverage is said to be capable of improving cognitive function and your physical abilities. Apparently, those claims are not many can be proven, very little evidence that the glucose or sugar and taurine which can boost stamina. The rest, just stamina enhancer element you get from caffeine. 

A study published in the journal Nutrition Review this proves that the various ingredients in energy drinks are not as good as advertisement or information, and read up on drinks bottle or brochure. Fill only proven efficacious is caffeine, the same as that found in coffee. Thus, a cup of coffee would be more useful to you.