Enjoy a cup of coffee with roasted corn

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Black Coffee with roasted corn
As you can see in this photo, there is a unique way to enjoy a cup of coffee. My friend just sent pictures of delicious coffee with roasted corn in Puncak Pas, a mountainous area in Bogor, West Java. My friends were relaxing in this area while enjoying the view of the green. In this area there are vegetable plantations, tea plantation, villas and hotels. Drinking coffee is certainly very delicious in this area because it was cool, especially when having coffee with friends. 

My friend, As Lien Hien is a true biker. He often tours with his motorcycle club out of Jakarta. Incidentally Puncak Pas area is not far from the city of Jakarta. Jakarta residents were saturated and stress during long holidays, especially on weekends, so if they are not on holiday to Bali or Singapore, they drive cars or motorcycles to Bogor, Bandung and of course to the Puncak, Cipanas, Cibodas, Sukabumi and Lido.

They unwind after a journey which usually jammed, by drinking coffee plus roasted corn, toast with peanut butter, strawberries and other toping like chocolate. Roasted corn and corn on the cob is a favorite snack in rural areas. Did you ever drink coffee with roasted corn? I've never been, but I think the aroma of roasted corn certainly interesting when paired with a cup of black coffee.

How about you? What do you eat when drinking coffee in a tourist area?

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