Coffee and Politics

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Can Obama win?
 Politicians would also like to drink coffee. Is there any serious relationship between politics and a cup of coffee? This could happen in the U.S. when Obama and Romney battle to win the oval room in the White House.
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You certainly are familiar with a variety of surveys and polls. In addition to polls and surveys, there was no scientific method, but is considered quite accurate in predicting the results of the U.S. elections of 2012.

You do not need to bother with the survey because the survey embarrassing. When there gubernatorial elections in Jakarta, Indonesia, candidate for governor who won the polls in the various surveys, it did not managed to win the governor's seat.
Let's look at a unique survey conducted by Franchise 7-Eleven.

Coffee drinkers who buy caffeinated beverages at 7-Eleven store chain have successfully predicted the presidential winner since 2000. Through the program "7-Election", franchised stores that offer the voters an opportunity to support their favorite candidate by choosing blue glasses for President Barack Obama and a glass of red for Republican challenger Mitt Romney.
Glasses regular "non-partisan" is available for customers who cannot decide which to choose.
The customer may choose as often as they could, and early elections began in September. In the last three elections, 7-Eleven said there are seven million candidates raised glasses.

Who won this year's selection of coffee cups? So far, Obama got 59 percent while Romney 41 percent in 34 states participating. Could Obama be able to continue to live in the White House? Is Romney will use the survey in 7-Eleven as a reference?

Yes, Barack Obama has been re-elected as President of the United States. Does he celebrated by drinking a cup of coffee at the White House?