Get coffee with a unique enjoyment

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Coffee on the way
According to the history of coffee from Ethiopia, and is now easily found throughout the world. Drinking coffee does not always have to be at home, or in a fancy cafe. In Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia, you can find coffee peddler riding a bicycle. The personal driver, who was drowsy because of waiting for the boss, now be happy because they do not need to pavement caf├ęs, coffee peddler cycling because it will come to them. 

If you happened to be in the street or parking lot, you can find the creative coffee peddler. They will offer a wide range of instant coffee. He was ready with three thermos of hot water. You can choose black coffee, cappuccino, mocachino, coffee milk and a variety of other coffee, there's even a cafe latte. Enjoy your coffee with new friends. It's Fantastic.

The coffee business is lucrative and able to make quick money if you want to start a coffee business in creative ways. If you see a coffee vendor in Jakarta cycling, then you can sell the coffee with a unique way.
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Enjoy coffee in Pantai Matahari Terbit, Bali

Now there are many locations that are offered to small and medium-sized businesses. You could be selling coffee and other snacks at the site as you can see in this photo. It seems my friend Mr. Nyoman Sudhana (green shirt) and two friends were enjoying a cup of coffee and light snacks in Bali. It must be very fun enjoying coffee with friends while chattering about the political situation, and other special gossip.

If you're tired of your boss, then you should consider building your own business empire, albeit small, but it's your own. You can be the boss for yourself. To be successful and wealthy, you can start a small capital to start a business.

You can experiment with trying to make coffee recipes, whether in the form of a drink or a snack with coffee blend. Hopefully you are inspired by the story of cycling coffee vendor that you see in this article. Are you ready to enter the coffee business?