Interesting facts about coffee

Coffee has become a social tool, not just a drink at breakfast time, not just to keep you awake or just to accompany guests to chat. Drinking coffee has become a tradition that unites people in the world.
 Coffee also has an interesting history for us to know so we can appreciate the origin of coffee and how coffee spread throughout the world.
Coffee also has a protective effect against some diseases, but we must be prudent. Although coffee gives a sense of pleasure, happiness, do not drink too much coffee.

The story of coffee begins with goat herders, named Kaldi in Abyssinia (now Ethiopia, Africa) who discovered the coffee plant when he took the goat to graze. It is said that goats’ eating coffee beans, then what happens? Goat looks more vibrant and not easily tired despite a long trip.
The story is said to take place in the 9th century AD. This interesting story then spread to mainland Egypt, Yemen to Persia, Turkey and North Africa in the 16th century AD. Predictably, thanks to the traders and nomads, coffee eventually spread to other countries until now. The history of coffee from Ethiopia has become a legend.

 It is said that King Gustaff III before he would impose the death penalty on two twin brothers, he uses a unique way. King uses tea and coffee to find out who is guilty of the two twins. One of the two brothers was ordered to drink tea, the other being told to drink coffee. Who died first, he is considered guilty by the King.

King Gustaff III. Image:
 Apparently the deceased was the accused who drink tea. It is said that since that time the Swedish became infatuated and being a huge fan of coffee-based beverages. Do not you be too affected by this story; drinking tea is also very good for our health. Tea can be a cheerleader of our daily lives.

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