Let we support coffee farmers

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Coffee Farmer in Bali. Image: bali-bisnis.com
The coffee we drink comes from coffee beans grown in Ethiopia, Bali, Gayo, Java, Uganda and some other areas. Coffee cannot be grown in the four seasons such as Japan, Europe, USA, Korea or Australia. Coffee plantations in the area are not all owned by rich farmers or large plantation companies. In general, they are small farmers, their land is not large, and so they need the support of governments and coffee lovers from around the world. 

Government officials, big business, organizations and anyone can support coffee farmers by making policies more conducive to any coffee beans that they produce could be distributed fairly, good coffee purchases by mills, exporters, importers, coffee shop network owner , employers will most coffee shops coffee trade fairer for all parties. Famous celebrities such as actress, singer and world-class entertainers can also be a campaign to support coffee farmers. 

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Actress Katie Holmes with coffee. Image: zimbio.com
 There is a famous coffee drinks franchise network already provides support by purchasing coffee beans from small coffee farmers. Although not all of the other major networks are doing it, but a small step that has been done is very necessary given the appreciation. Governments and associations in the field of coffee would have to continuously make improvements for the welfare of coffee farmers around the world.

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Obama and Politician drinks coffee. Image: tressugar.com
 How wonderful if President Barack Obama's occasional visit to a coffee plantation owned by small farmers or farm run by a cooperative of coffee and coffee mill to support coffee farmers. 

Obama is also certainly happy to enjoy a cup of organic coffee or Kopi Luwak in Kintamani, when there are state duties in Bali. Of course the president of this superpower will be able to do something good for the welfare of coffee farmers. Coffee farmers also have families they need to support their children in order to get an education and decent housing. They often get coffee crop pests, viruses, and the weather is not good, thus threatening their coffee crops. Sometimes the economic crisis also affected the sales of their coffee beans.

 You can help them by buying coffee beans in the coffee shop or cafe. Every cup of coffee, a cappuccino mug you drink also has helped the lives of the farmers. Even if you do not have to drink 5 cups of coffee, 2 times a day is enough; you are helping the welfare of coffee farmers around the world.  If you're relaxing with the family, at business meetings, breakfast, a romantic dinner and other events, make sure you drink coffee, cafe latte or espresso.                                                                                                                                                                             

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  Coffee farmer family in Uganda. Image: simonrawles.photoshelter.com

 You can also help coffee farmers by purchasing coffee beans, ground coffee, organic coffee, candied coffee, Kopi Luwak, ginseng coffee, instant coffee, instant cappuccino and other coffee-based food products on the Internet. Your support will definitely make farmers can improve their well-being, education, better health, a more decent housing, so the coffee farmers families can smile happily.