The effect of coffee on the energy drink for your health and love life

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Did you ever increase stamina by drinking a bottle of energy drink? Are energy drinks could increase your stamina? Many people believe that energy drinks is able to increase energy and passion of sexual life, exercise, and support a variety of activities that require extra stamina and endurance. But according to recent study, the efficacy of various energy drinks actually no better than a cup of coffee. Have you ever heard that sexual life can be more exiting because you have to drink a cup of coffee?

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During this time, promoted energy drinks have a variety of properties because it containts a lot of ingredients to increase stamina, for example: ginseng, taurine and guanara extract. All content of the beverage is said to be capable of improving cognitive function and your physical abilities. Apparently, those claims are not many can be proven, very little evidence that the glucose or sugar and taurine which can boost stamina. The rest, just stamina enhancer element you get from caffeine. 

A study published in the journal Nutrition Review this proves that the various ingredients in energy drinks are not as good as advertisement or information, and read up on drinks bottle or brochure. Fill only proven efficacious is caffeine, the same as that found in coffee. Thus, a cup of coffee would be more useful to you.

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No need to surprised if people can get over-time stamina consume energy drinks, caffeine leads to an average 14 times more than carbonated soft drinks. For that reason, the risk of an overdose of caffeine claimed 14 times higher when consuming energy drinks. Certainly not good if too much caffeine for our health, so many experts do not recommend energy drinks for kids, because it can lead to excess energy that will damage the heart, and even behavior. Is not just that, an overdose of caffeine is also often associated with the risk of diabetes and seizures.

"For most children routine water, regular physical is the best," said Dr. Holly Benjamin, one of the scientists of the Comer Children's Hospital who led the study, reports the Daily Mail, Tuesday (12/18/2012). Children and young people will be healthier if you drin
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k milk, chocolate or tea rather than a cup of coffee. For people aged over 17 years, have a cup or two cups of coffee every day, coffee is a stamina enhancer that is still safer than energy drinks.
 During this time, promoted energy drinks have a variety of properties because it contains a lot of content to increase stamina, such as: ginseng and taurine guanara extract. All content of the drink is said to improve cognitive function and physical abilities. Apparently, the claim is not much that can be proven, there is little evidence that the glucose or sugar and taurine can increase stamina. The rest, just stamina enhancer elements you get from caffeine.  

If you drink good quality coffee such as organic coffee, civet coffee (Kopi Luwak) or coffee that has been roasted properly, can certainly give a good effect for your stamina, but do not drink coffee excessively, so you are always healthy and ready to indulge and enjoy fantastic love life.