The uniqueness and benefits of coffee for mankind

Are you a true coffee connoisseur? Several scientific studies prove that drinking coffee beneficial for health. As research by a team from the University of Houston, Texas. Research carried out on people who like to drink Irish coffee with whiskey plus up to 80% can reduce the risk of stroke. Is this true?
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If you are looking for information on the other expert, then you will find the unique benefits of coffee for humans. There are other experts also argue that the essence of caffeine is believed to increase sexual libido of men. A wife who wants to get maximum sexual satisfaction, it would provide a high-quality cup of coffee for the husband, so the husband is always passionate and have a good mood before making love.

Compounds of caffeine can relieve fatigue, sleepiness and increase alertness motor nerves.

In addition to the benefits of a variety of coffee also have a downside, especially for women. The research hospital Christchurch, New Zealand reveals, most women will give birth to a baby coffee addict who trouble breathing at birth. While research Sven Cnattingius of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden revealed; women who consumed 100 mg caffeine / day would be more susceptible to miscarriage.

Then how to drink coffee to be healthy and beneficial for our bodies?

Drinks coffee is so unhealthy when added with sugar and creamer lot. Here are tips on how to drink coffee but stay healthy?

Avoid adding sugar or artificial sweeteners.
Better black coffee and maple syrup can also be added. In order to avoid coffee shop latte, frappucino, cappuccino and the like. Because the sugar content very much. A cup of coffee contains approximately 300-400 calories.

Avoid giving both liquid creamer and powdered creamer. Creamer made from corn syrup. Actually that is a secure creamer creamer made of coconut milk, more healthy. Because it contains healthy saturated fats that can boost immunity.

You can add cinnamon powder.
One teaspoon of pure cocoa powder can be added alternative coffee, so it can provide a delicious flavor and add antioxidants. 
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Use good quality water to make coffee.

If you use a coffee maker, make sure that the place is clean of leftover coffee before because it can cause musty odors and change the taste of coffee itself. Make sure you also buy good quality coffee such as organic coffee, Kopi Luwak or coffee that has been processed by the process according to the standards set by the ministry of health in your country.

To enjoy maximum flavor and aroma of the coffee, use a quality water. If the water contains iron at home, use a water filter and do not use distilled water because it can change the taste of the coffee.

Finally, use water that has been boiled so that all coffee tastes sharper and steady while drunk. Wait about 30-60 seconds before pouring it into the glass.

Drinking coffee to be wise, do not overdo it, so that we get the true benefits of a cup of coffee to old age.



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According to a study, Green coffee or unroasted coffee contains Chlorogenic acid which aids in weight loss, it also has some ingredients which aid in improving the digestive system by increasing our metabolism while also regulating the blood sugar level in our body.

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