Yummy coffee on campus

Coffee stall in Atmajaya University, Jakarta, Indonesia.
This January I drove my son to a univesity in Jakarta because he had to take a test in order to be accepted in the college campus is located in a famous intersection in the city. While waiting for my son who definitely wanted to study in this college, my wife and parents of prospective college students were invited by the university president to watch a presentation on the rights and obligations of the students when later accepted by a faculty of this university. 

After the presentation, my son is still following the second test, then I and my wife  headed to the campus canteen to look for snacks, and who knew there was a cup of coffee that you can enjoy while waiting for my son completed test.

I saw there was a coffee stall, and then I saw what the menu was served. There are several variations of foods such as burgers, snacks and a variety of hot and cold coffee such as black coffee (Coffee Americano), espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte and mocha coffee. I decided to order a black coffee and a burger. Coffee prices are not expensive, because coffee stall is located on a campus, so the price is adjusted to the fiscal capacity of the students. I was a bit surprised, though the price is very affordable with student wallet, apparently Americano coffee that I ordered tasted very good. It was not inferior to the famous coffee shop in fancy malls.
 Coffee shop in UK campus. Image: swan.ac.uk

When I talked with the owner of the coffee shop, she had seven months to sell coffee and snacks on campus. She only has one coffee machine and two waiters. She told me, that she was making coffee recipes with blends of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. The combination of these two types of coffee turned out to be effective to prevent discomfort in the stomach that is sensitive to the customer's because of sour taste in coffee. She also said that the students were more than happy to order a cold coffee or cappuccino. She said that local students rarely who ordered hot coffee. Hot coffee or hot cappuccino more ordered by foreign students.
Image: arthritis.webmd.com

I finally thought that opening a coffee shop on campus or in the office building is a good idea. I also believe that do not sell coffee or cafe latte and cappuccino with an expensive price. We know the students and the employees are very happy to drink coffee, but they want to buy a cup of coffee at a special price, according to their abilities. You can sell good quality coffee at an affordable price to the ordinary people, such as students and employees.

You can still be successful and wealthy from the sale of hundreds of cups of coffee every day even if you do not sell expensive coffee. You will be loved by your customers especially if you are clever to combine Balinese coffee, Gayo coffee or coffee from Papua, Java and Ethiopia.



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