Expensive coffee from elephant dung

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Enjoy unique coffee with elephant. Image: teruskan.com

So far, the most fancy and expensive coffee in the world is still held by Kopi Luwak from Indonesia. Butt, Anantara Hotels in Chiang Rai, Thailand successful develove a new type of coffee that is also processed from elephant dung. Elephants which they kept in the back of the resort purify coffee beans. The seeds out with elephant dung, therefore the hotel announced they they produced the most expensive coffee in the world. In addition to Thailand, you can enjoy this unique coffee in four resorts in Maldive island. 

Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas properties offer Black Ivory Coffee is special drink made with coffee beans that have been digested and naturally enhanced by elephants. 

Perhaps you intend to start the coffee business by utilizing animal? Maybe cows or sheep can perform the same task as elephants and mongoose? With your unique experiment, you can make the most delicious coffee in the world of digestive process of cows, goats and other animals.

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Elephant dung coffee. Image: relax.com.sg
Research shows that during the process of digestion, enzymes break down protein of elephant coffee. Protein is one of the main factors that responsible for the bitter taste of coffee. Fewer protein means almot no bitter taste in coffee. 

This process is reffered to as off-kilter. The process is spawned off-kilter with the special quality of coffee beans. Coffee beans from elephant dung you can buy by paying US$ 1,100 per kilo grams, or about US$ 50 per cup.

Elephant coffee process is: To produce one kilogram of coffee, the elephant must eat at least 33 kilo grams of coffee beans. Most of the coffee beans they chew, and partly broken. It's very wasteful, and it seems less effecient. Not susprisingly, the price of elephant coffee is very expensive. 

The coffee was eaten by elephants is Arabica beans and picked by the women of smal village. The women were collecting elephant dung, and then release the skin and pick the best coffee beans from the poop. Afther they washing, the beans are processed in Bangkok. 

When elephant eating coffee beans, the acid in the stomach break the protein contained in coffee, is the source of a bitter taste in coffee. So, this elephant coffee tastes very tender and not bitter at all. This is why elephant coffee price so more expensive than other regular coffee or Kopi Luwak.  An elephant takes 15 - 30 hours to digest the coffee beans, and they chew with bananas and sugar canes. This process is providing and produce different coffee flavours. Of course, the idea of this elephant coffee is mimics of Kopi Luwak in Indonesia. Kopi Luwak is produced by Luwak or Civet.

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Elephant dung coffeee. Image: kopikeliling.com

Just for your information, coffee is not the only drink that associated with animal waste. A Chinese businessman had announced his plans to sell organic green tea grown in Panda droppings for more than US$ 200. 

Each type of coffee has unique flavour and a different sensation. Perhaps you have special moment with coffee such as elephant coffee, organic coffee or Kopi Luwak; I look forward to your experience. Please share your unqiue experience, please E-Mail to: bona789@gmail.com

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