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When you are going to order a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, you will see the list of menu offerings range of coffee as black coffee, cappuccino, cafe latte and espresso coffee. Espresso was first discovered around 1900 in Italy, which freely translated means a cup of espresso coffee served quickly. Today, often found people pronounce or spell it wrong to "expresso". Pronunciation it does not need to be a serious problem, but a professional barista will smile, and it will make you a cup of espresso.

Espresso invented in 1884 in Italy. Espresso is made by forcing pressurized hot water through finely ground coffee. The espresso is the base ingredient of some of the most famous and popular beverages such as cappucino, cafe latte, machiato, and mocha. 

Do you agree, if you've never drank a cup of espresso, then you can not be called a true coffee connoisseur?

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 Espresso can be very confusing. Is a concentrated caffeine espresso and bitter? Where it came from? Can we add a sweetener? Is that like a creamy froth on top? How should we drink? Many questions that may arise, but let's discuss that we do not get confused and look foolish when we talk about the world of coffee with a friend of ours that true coffee connoisseur.

Is espresso made by blending techniques?
No. Although there are machines blending tool designed specifically for espresso, a mixture that does not make espresso. The perfect blending techniques to create a delicious espresso actually causes misunderstandings are common. Some grills even companies argue that you can only make a good espresso with proper blending.

Is it coming from the espresso coffee bean?
No. Improper marketing and word of mouth that one gives many people the impression that this type of coffee bean espresso determine whether it was included or not. This is not true. Each type of coffee beans can be used to make a good espresso coffee. You need to try espresso prepared from seeds of Kopi Luwak or organic coffee, you will definitely enjoy the unique sensation.

Is espresso developing as a result of the roasting technique?

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No. The popular thinking will make you believe that espresso should be very heavy roasting; however the techniques and the degree of roasting coffee for espresso vary from one region to another. In California, we are almost certainly going to find seeds that are heavy roasting. On the east coast of the USA, light roasting is preferred. And in northern Italy, medium roast is generally used. Each level can be used for roasting a good espresso. It was purely a matter of taste.

Is all espresso machines are a real espresso machine?

No. There is a machine labeled "espresso machine" but not a real espresso machine. These machines are generally electrical machine style "mocha" is how it works based on the vapor pressure to push water through the coffee grounds. The vapor pressure is only capable of producing up to 1.5 BAR pressure or 50 PSI. A true espresso machine should produce a minimum pressure of 9 BAR or 135 PSI to push water through a stretch of ground coffee is smooth and solid.

So, what is espresso?

Espresso coffee dose is slightly, 1 to 2 oz. Sprays of coffee press from 6.5 to 7.5 grams (about 1 tablespoon) finely ground coffee. The Duration of coffee brewing is about 25 to 30 seconds. If made properly, the espresso will feature a layer of dark golden cream, called crema on the top. Crema is the indicator of the quality of espresso. Making great espresso is an art than a science.

Drinking espresso is also an art. In Italian cafes, you'll see the audience inhale the aroma of espresso while holding a cup and saucer, and drank the whole dish in 3 or 4 gulps quickly. The ritual is completed quickly but gently put back the cup back into the cup.

Adding sugar to the espresso is an acceptable practice in Italy, and not a case of embarrassing when you add sugar to the dish. But for espresso that is really good is a pleasure when drinking it without any additional materials. Thus you can taste and appreciate the essence of espresso with a more complete.

Espresso Machines 
Luigi Bezzera patented the first espresso machine in 1901. He calls his creation, Tipo Gigante. Desidero Pavoni purchased Bezzera patents in 1905. He espresso machine market with the name Pavoni Ideale. Earlier generation of machines is basically more like coffee-style tool "mocha". 
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Modern Espresso machine made its debut in 1947, when Gaggia Crema Caffe machine comes with. This is the first espresso machine. You can make a cup of espresso with good and consistently able to produce the high pressures required to make espresso. Gaggia Crema Caffe is ideal for commercial use because of its ease of use and affordable price. Italian espresso culture was actually born in that moment.

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