Let's make a cafe latte at home

Are you a fan of cappuccino or espresso? Perhaps you should try the cafe latte. Latte or Cafe latte (Italian language which means coffee with milk) is espresso or coffee mixed with milk and has a thin layer of foam on top. Comparison between the milk with the coffee cafe latte is 3:1. Apparently there is a unique story of the creation of the cafe latte. Do you want to know before you try to to make cafe late?

The history
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A beautiful girl with a cafe latte. Image: 123rf.com

Cafe Latte discovered by the late Lino Meiorin in Italy at the end of 1950. He is the owner of a cafe; he is also the first Barista from Italy. His visitors it is not used to the taste of a traditional cappuccino which is very sharp, and therefore they asked for more milk (latte) to be mixed with the coffee. Lino finally decided to sell espresso drinks with more milk and call it a "cafe latte".

At that time, he presents a caffè latte in a bowl and then switch to using the glasses used for drinking beer. Now, cafè latte is served in cups and embellished with a touch of art (the Art of Latte). Italy and France known for its expertise in the field of art and coffee. You can also be creative and to make cafe late with your own unique touch.

One important factor is the quality of a latte frothing milk that function is to enhance and strengthen the taste of coffee, not vice versa. To achieve the criteria certainly needed a powerful espresso machine, frothing process that actually produces smooth foam or micro foam in milk, besides the technical skills of the barista course.

Do you want to make your own cafe latte? Here is the stage of making café latte:

Grind and extract the coffee to see grade quality coffee. After the coffee experience dosing process in which as many as 14-16 grams of coffee mixed in each port. Coffee that has been leveled at the porta dosed to put in an espresso machine.

The second phase began in the coffee if the espresso machine. There are three stages in the processing of the espresso machine. The first is the process of cleaning or cleaning the espresso machine. The second is the inclusion of coffee in the porta to the espresso machine.
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Obama cafe latte style. Image: cnn.com
The third is the extraction. The duration of this process depends on the extraction of coffee blended process itself, usually for about 20 seconds.

The third process is to make coffee latte milk steming. Temperature required for steming milk is 55 º C to 65 º C, but usually the baristas use a temperature of 60 º C for steaming milk meghasilkan good. The milk steaming process itself consists of two processes. The first one is streching (the process of making foam ± 3 seconds) and rolling (foam smoothes the process).

The last stage of the process of making coffee latte is pouring or mixing process between espresso and milk. During the art of coffee is made​​. Generally there are three basic types of coffee the art of love, rosetta, and tulips. Making coffee painting has different difficulty levels vary. Are you ready to create your own creation?

If necessary, turn on your favorite music so you get a delicious cafe latte.

Note: The technique to make cafe latte I got from: rendystones.wordpress.com