Some interesting facts about coffee

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Are we now drink coffee in a nearby cafe?
There are some fascinating facts about coffee, which will enrich your understanding about coffee, so you can measure how many cups of coffee you drink is right for every day. Coffee has benefits for your health, but coffee also have negative effects.

Are you a coffee drinker of coffee, which be categorized as a beginner? Therefore you need to know some information about the coffee. You can read some of the topics in this blog. If you are a true coffee connoisseur, the following information can be an additional reference for you to share with your friends who have recently started drinking coffee. You can relate this article while chatting in your favorite coffee shop.

Coffee is a popular beverage which has a lot of fans. For coffee lovers, cup of coffee in the morning is something that must be provided, before doing activities throughout the day. It should also be understood, that not everyone resistant to the effects of caffeine. However some studies suggest that drinking coffee may reduce the risk of diabetes, of course with the record you just mix the sugar in moderation. Now, you can choose a sugar made from corn to prevent the disease, which is caused by excess sugar.

Here are some studies that could strengthen your reasons to enjoy a cup of coffee.

1. Coffee can prevent multiple sclerosis

The new study that compares the people affected by multiple sclerosis with healthy people, it was found that a person who has never consumed coffee had a 1.5 times greater risk affected by multiple sclerosis.

"There are a lot of compounds in coffee that can contribute," said Ellen Mowry, MD, of Johns Hopkins Medicine. "Caffeine may protect against Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. Interestingly, it does not affect the function of immune cells in the brain, but it has the impact on certain parts, which may trigger both diseases (Parkinson and Alzheimer).

2. Reduce the risk of skin cancer

A study released in January 2015, it has been found that people who drank four cups of coffee a day had a 20 percent lower risk of melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer.

However, the most effective way to prevent skin cancer is to reduce excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, using sunscreen, and avoiding tanning process. Therefore, it does not mean that, free sunbathing under the sun while sipping coffee will keep you from the risk of skin cancer.

3. The coffee was associated with a lower risk of breast cancer

Although the Swedish study found that women who often drink coffee have a lower risk of breast cancer, but the researchers underline that healthy lifestyle factors as well be decisive.

4. Preventing deaths

The coffee is not able to ward off death forever. But, in a large study of 400,000 Americans aged 50 or more showed that coffee drinkers were significantly less likely to die in a period of research conducted over 13 years.

The more coffee consumed, the lower the risk of death. An earlier study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, followed by people aged 18 or 24 years, found an association or the same results.
drink coffee, coffee effect, coffee for health, cafe, coffee prevent skin cancer, coffee prevent Alzheimer, coffee facts
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5. Increase the ability to exercise

In a small study published last year, the cyclists reported that one hour of exercise in which they live is much more fun, and do not complicate after they ingest caffeine compared to placebo. This is because the presence of certain substances in coffee that has the effect, which can increase a sense of joy. Also demonstrated that caffeine also improve the performance of the athletes.

Nevertheless, it is necessary for you to understand, that drinking coffee is mixed with cream, sugar, or even chocolate, calories can add up quickly. Therefore, you should limit added sugar in coffee. Would not it be more enjoyable if we enjoy a coffee without any mixture? For example, you sip a cup of coffee with the addition of cake, then no sugar for your coffee will taste better. If you are not familiar, try to reduce the sugar, so you will be protected from diabetes and other diseases.