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Coffee with the secret of healthy living and longevity

Coffee has two attractive sides that can affect your health and your happiness. Make sure you drink good quality coffee, and reduce sugar in your coffee. Now you can choose coffee with mushroom or cordyceps, so you are more healthy, fresh, even outlive.

Perhaps you are there who do not believe, that coffee not only keep you awake, but coffee also can make you live longer. Coffee has many benefits for human health, not just because you drink it every day. Coffee has become part of the treatment, for example to reduce headaches and other ailments. Coffee is also used for perfumes, cosmetics, and of course to make you feel at home in the cafe. Coffee can also be enjoyed in the form of other foods such as cakes, ice cream, candy and so on.
coffee, black coffee, Jokowi, Barack Obama, mushroom cofffee, coryceps coffee, coffee for health,
President Jokowi enjoying black coffee at the coffee shop. Image: merdeka.com
A recent study at Stanford University called the secret is in caffeine. The compounds are also found in tea, and some health drinks have anti-inflammatory effects. Coffee is also believed to prevent Alzheimer's disease, can even prevent some other diseases.

Inflammation associated with various diseases that lead to premature death, from cancer to heart problems. Inflamed blood vessels, for example, will harden and can easily become clogged or broken. Heart attacks are also common because of the problem.

In one study, proved that intake of caffeine inhibits IL-1-beta (Interleukin 1 beta), a kind of protein that serves to trigger massive systemic inflammation. These compounds are also associated with the risk of high blood pressure. Because of that coffee does have benefits. The important thing is you do not drink coffee excessively, especially if too much sugar for each cup of coffee that you consume. In some countries there is a tradition, that coffee is more delicious when taken without sugar, especially if you are also enjoying a sweet pastry. This makes sense, taste and aroma of the coffee will be reduced a lot when you mix it with sugar.

The combination of coffee without sugar and sweet cake certainly help you to avoid being another disease such as diabetes. Try to drink coffee without sugar or reduce the use of sugar when you're sipping a cup of coffee. You will feel different sensations, and you will be healthier and fresher. Sugar is not too good for your health.
coffee, black coffee, Jokowi, Barack Obama, mushroom cofffee, coryceps coffee, coffee for health,
President Barack Obama drink coffee before meeting. Image: bostonglobe.com
Your black coffee brewed from ground coffee or you to proceed with a coffee machine of the coffee bean is more delicious and healthier than you drink instant coffee packaging, eg coffee with sugar and creamer. If you drink it occasionally does not endanger your health.

Another issue of the secrets of longevity and healthy life is that you should not drink too much coffee. You will be hard to sleep, even harder to concentrate. You need to consume fruits and vegetables to make your body fitter. Do not rely on coffee to stimulate your activeness in your daily activities. Combine it with a cup of tea, for example, you replace the concept of a coffee break with tea breaks.

If you can consume coffee wisely, you'll be healthier, fresher and more vibrant in this life. You also need to find a better quality coffee or any kind of coffee do not disturb your stomach. Reportedly, civet coffee or coffee combined with the mushroom or cordyceps. It is said that coffee as it is convenient for your stomach, so you will not have problems of stomach acid.

The facts about coffee that should be known by coffee aficionados

coffee for health, coffee health tips, black coffee, coffee break, drink coffee,
Drink coffee for healthy life. Image: heraldsun.com.au
There are some facts about coffee that should be known by coffee aficionados, so they can acquire the efficacy coffee for health and happiness, and to avoid the negative effects of coffee. Let’s find out now.
The true coffee drinker would proudly say, that cup of coffee could make their activities more optimal and more healthy life, so that every day becomes a day-to-day is always productive and enjoyable at the same time. Meanwhile, for those who are having problems with the coffee of course regard coffee as the main enemy in their lives. As in the case of tea, the coffee has two sides opposed to each other, where the coffee has many health benefits and enjoyment aspects. On the other hand, coffee can also make your body uncomfortable, even make you unhealthy.

The researchers from Australia found that coffee or tea consumption could potentially reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes symptoms Rachel Huxley, a researcher from the University of Sydney, Australia, said that "A cup of coffee with a reduced risk equivalent to seven percent,". Meanwhile, the American Association for Cancer Research, reported that coffee consumption can reduce the risk of death due to prostate cancer. Other studies have also suggested coffee could reduce liver diseases, Alzheimer's, stroke, and Parkinson's. Of course the results of this study is good news for coffee fans all over the world.

Talk about coffee, once again reviews the wonders of coffee

black coffee, cafe, Barista, coffee health tips, drink coffee, coffee break, coffee for health, Arabica coffee, robusta, coffee history,
Coffee for coffee lovers. Image: wakeup-world.com
Coffee has become a part of history and social life of mankind, and now there is a coffee shop on every corner of the town and village. Coffee is not just because of the genes of Arabica and Robusta, even coffee growing with glory cappuccino, cafe latte, coffee civet and various variations of coffee, which can be found in liquid, cake, ice cream and various other coffee recipes. 

Coffee has a unique facts and legends. Coffee is also beneficial for human health both physically and mentally, but you must be wise in coffee because coffee consumed also have harmful side effects on your health.

Do you like black coffee? Coffee contains caffeine, when taken in proper doses, then black coffee is very useful for you physically and mentally. Over 500 billion cups of coffee are drunk each year, or around 1.4 billion cups per day. Over half of this is consumed during breakfast. If you open a new coffee shop, the coffee drinkers will grow faster. If you want to open a new café, make sure you hire a barista who understands coffee beans well, not just experts prescription dispensing coffee or espresso.

How to choose coffee machine for coffee lovers

How to choose coffee machine for coffee connoisseurs?
Etienne Louis Espresso Machine
Sexy baristas was making delicious coffee. Image: orlandosentinel.com
Are you a fan of instant coffee or a true coffee connoisseur? Certainly a true coffee lover also prefers genuine black coffee or espresso coffee from coffee beans. That's why you must have had or wanted to buy a coffee machine, so you can grind coffee so you can get a cup of fresh coffee. 

You also need the best coffee beans that have been roasted, and your coffee machine will make you become very delicious coffee. With a proper coffee machine, you will get a cup of delicious coffee or espresso of various types like Arabica coffee, robusta, even kopi luwak (civet coffee) and organic coffee.

coffee makers, coffee machine, coffee shop, cafe, espresso machine, espresso, kopi luwak, organic coffee, street coffee, coffee beans, black coffee, Barista,
Etienne Louis Espresso Machine. Image: gadgets.boingboing.net
If you are indeed a true coffee fan, then there is interesting news for you. You will get a new coffee machine with that are more innovative technology. It happens because the coffee drinkers in the world is increasing, ranging from manual laborers, the police, to office employees, celebrities, insurance agents, men and women, students and even the younger generation. 

The proliferation of coffee shops in urban areas that are labeled as 'coffee shop', or cafe, even street coffee also triggers the creation of a wide range of coffee maker or coffee machine, which expected to support the coffee industry.  

There are various models of coffee maker which you can find in the market but this time I would like to inform seven coffee makers that will surely keep you spellbound and want to have it. This 7 coffee makers are innovative products and has been equipped with a variety of excellent features which cannot be found in traditonal coffee maker.

Yummy coffee on campus

Coffee stall in Atmajaya University, Jakarta, Indonesia.
This January I drove my son to a univesity in Jakarta because he had to take a test in order to be accepted in the college campus is located in a famous intersection in the city. While waiting for my son who definitely wanted to study in this college, my wife and parents of prospective college students were invited by the university president to watch a presentation on the rights and obligations of the students when later accepted by a faculty of this university. 

After the presentation, my son is still following the second test, then I and my wife  headed to the campus canteen to look for snacks, and who knew there was a cup of coffee that you can enjoy while waiting for my son completed test.

Get coffee with a unique enjoyment

coffee milk, enjoy coffee, coffee business, black coffee, coffee shop
Coffee on the way
According to the history of coffee from Ethiopia, and is now easily found throughout the world. Drinking coffee does not always have to be at home, or in a fancy cafe. In Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia, you can find coffee peddler riding a bicycle. The personal driver, who was drowsy because of waiting for the boss, now be happy because they do not need to pavement cafés, coffee peddler cycling because it will come to them. 

If you happened to be in the street or parking lot, you can find the creative coffee peddler. They will offer a wide range of instant coffee. He was ready with three thermos of hot water. You can choose black coffee, cappuccino, mocachino, coffee milk and a variety of other coffee, there's even a cafe latte. Enjoy your coffee with new friends. It's Fantastic.

Enjoy a cup of coffee with roasted corn

roasted corn, black coffee, enjoy black coffee in Puncak, coffee and toast, coffee
Black Coffee with roasted corn
As you can see in this photo, there is a unique way to enjoy a cup of coffee. My friend just sent pictures of delicious coffee with roasted corn in Puncak Pas, a mountainous area in Bogor, West Java. My friends were relaxing in this area while enjoying the view of the green. In this area there are vegetable plantations, tea plantation, villas and hotels. Drinking coffee is certainly very delicious in this area because it was cool, especially when having coffee with friends.